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 The Snowden


In the summer of 2013, an employee of a defence contractor met with journalists from media outlets such as the Guardian to publish one of the most substantial leak of government documents in recent years.

What was Released?

Among the thousands of documents leaked to the public were orders from the NSA requiring Verizon to share detailed phone records of all their customers

What data do

you own?


The actual message being sent

  • Text message      

  • Email body          

  • Phone call            

  • Instant message  

YOU own




The who, what, where and how the data is sent

  • Phone numbers            

  • Call duration                 

  • Origin of phone call     

You DO NOT own it

This means the NSA can collect and keep records of all metadata produced from forms of communication without requiring a warrant. Even without knowing the content of the data, the government can track nearly every single move you make

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